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We understand that it can be very daunting to move to a new country; not only are you looking at settling into a new home and a new culture, but you will also find yourself in need of a new job, too! We can help you to ease some of the stress that job seeking can cause if you follow our tips for diversifying your job search!

  1. Useful Websites to Find a Job in Mexico
  2. Make sure you use job-seeking websites which cover your local area; websites like CraigsList are a great way to get an idea of what jobs are available in your new community, and allow you to filter your search results by job type and location. You should also think about using sites which allow you to filter vacancies by term and schedule (i.e. permanent and temporary, full time and part time). Glassdoor is a great example of such a website.

  3. Networking on and offline to find a job in Mexico
  4. The internet provides a wonderful way by which to find employment, connect with your local community, and socialize so do make the most of it! Make yourself a LinkedIn profile, follow local businesses on Facebook, and connect with local groups. You should not limit yourself to the internet, however; word of mouth is just as powerful. Talk to your new neighbours and ask around local businesses to find out who needs staff. People can be a fountain of localized knowledge that you may not find online so take the time to meet them!

  5. Company Research to find a job in Mexico
  6. Amongst all of the uses that the internet has it is an overwhelmingly useful tool for those looking to do some research. Companies will very often advertised their job vacancies on their websites (where you can also find out about their most recent changes, their ethics, and their values). It’s always good to be clued up when it comes to an interview, and cutting out the middle-man really makes the most of your time. There really is success to be found in looking up those companies in your area to find out what kind of people the local community has need of. Why not get their contact information and send a resume and cover letter directly?

  7. The Good Old Fashioned Way
  8. If you have the time in between all the other duties and issues that such a momentous move will bring you should seriously consider the old-fashioned approach; pound the streets, ask around, and talk to local business owners. Hand out C.V.s and make an impression; when you’re new to an area face to face introductions can be the best way to really get in touch with the people who could be your future colleague and boss. A face to face meeting will also help you to get your personality across much better than an email!

So, how did you find a job in Mexico? Please leave your success stories in the comments box below!

— March 22, 2018

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