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You might be surprised to find out that the timeshare industry offers many different roles to prospective employees. Of course, when you mention jobs in timeshare most people think of sales positions… but there are many positions even within this area of the industry. Take look at some of the roles you could fill both in and out-with the salesroom when looking for the best jobs in timeshare.

OPC – Off Property Contact

The most well-known, or at least instantly recognized, jobs in timeshare are those of an OPC; OPC’s are responsible for drumming up attendees for the sales presentations which are held at each timeshare resort. This is a role which requires a friendly demeanor, thick skin, easy going personality, and no small measure of tenacity!

In House Concierge

The role of an in-house concierge mixes the traditional responsibilities of a concierge with those of an OPC and is one of the most pleasant jobs in timeshare. You will be expected to encourage guests to attend sales presentations but will remain on site. This is one of the most elegant roles in the business.

Sales Agents

Sales Agents are the people who are most often connected with the industry, and the people who have the most chance of making serious money, Within the sales room there are varying roles, but the most notable are those of the Liner (the person who shows the guests the properties) and the Closer (the person who “closes” the deal). Certainly one of the best-paid jobs in timeshare.

VLO – Verification Loan Officers

VLO’s are key within this industry as they are tasked with ensuring that the consumer understands the details of their contract (the benefits and restrictions, their rights and responsibilities) before they sign it. A VLO will go over the contract details to ensure that the customer enters the cooling off period with their eyes open, so to speak. These jobs in timeshare are few and far between, but certainly worth aspiring to.


It will likely come as no surprise to you that there are a number of administration roles you could fulfill when you work in the timeshare industry. From recruitment to members services, and even communications, administration covers all bases. Most of these types of jobs in timeshare will be advertised internally or locally.

If you want advice about the kinds of jobs in timeshare you could inquire for, please do not hesitate to contact us!

— April 12, 2018

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