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Top Tips for Foreigners Finding Work in Mexico

If you are bilingual and speak Spanish as well as English then finding work in Mexico could be quite easy for you. If you know how to find the right people, and how to get your resume read, then it will be much easier than you think. Here are some great tips about how you can find work in Mexico.

Write a good resume

This is all important for finding work in Mexico! Make sure you have a C.V (resume) that reliably outlines your skills and experiences; even if the job you apply for in Mexico has not asked for your resume, it always pays to have a good one to hand. Resume writing is a good way to get into a habit of selling yourself and your skills to prospective employers; be confident, be concise, be eloquent. If you manage this then you can’t go far wrong.

Contact companies directly

If you know what kind of work you want to go into and what companies you would really want to work for, then you can start contacting them directly. The best way for finding work in Mexico is to be proactive. You can do this either through contacting companies through their website, or by dropping in a resume in person. Even if they have no vacancies at the time, it never hurts to let people know that you’re looking for work!

Check local classifieds

If you already know roughly where in Mexico you would like to work then you could check online, or check local publications like Mano a Mano for Puerto Vallarta, for versions of classified ads. This way you can know what kind of work is going to be available to you in the areas you wish to live and work in.

Join Facebook groups and Linkedin

Social media has been somewhat of a revolution in the modern world; not only do websites like Facebook allow us to keep in touch, they can function as business networks much like LinkedIn. There are sites and pages you can join to keep an eye on jobs that may open up, which could make finding work in Mexico much easier.

Ask friends and family

Recommendations from friends and loved ones can be a great way to find work in Mexico. Ask those around you who have lived and worked in Mexico if they know of any really good places to work. They can tell you what kind of skills and qualities you’ll need, and they might even tell you who to talk to. Alternatively you can put out a note on social media asking for recommendations.

Finding work in Mexico can be easy when you take these few simple steps.

— May 7, 2015

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