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How to Tell if a job is right for you?

Looking for work in a new place can be a very daunting task and, as a result, many people get themselves into a situation where they take any job that becomes available to them. The problem is that they do so without analyzing what they are actually looking for in a lifelong career.

When you are unemployed, especially if you have been so for a while, it can start to seem that you will never ever get work again. What most people don’t realize is that it’s as difficult for employers to find the person who has the right skills, qualifications and attitude to match their requirements. Therefore, if you word your application correctly it will be much easier to net that job! If you know that you can offer employers what they need then tell them so!

A Job for Life?

There are many things to consider when you’re looking for your dream career, and one of the most important factors is whether or not you can see yourself performing the job day in, day out for many years with the same enthusiasm and dedication as in your first week. You should also consider if there is enough room within the company for the kind of growth and promotion you want to achieve.

Work-Life Balance

You should consider whether or not the job in question matches the kind of work-life balance that you are looking for. This choice can be influenced heavily by the point you are at in your life; whether you want to put your head down and work, at the expense of your social life, or you want to have a job that tides you over until the weekends and holidays, you should make sure that you choose a job which reflects it.

Self Exploration

The key to being able to do this is to know yourself, inside and out; know what you can offer, and what you need in return. If you can confidently tell possible employers what you have that they need, and what level of availability you have, then you will find it easy to get a job that suits you.

How much will you earn?

Finally, your rate of pay is, of course, a huge consideration; you should consider if your earning potential matches your long and short term goals.

— May 21, 2015

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