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Many people dream of moving somewhere sunny with a sea-view to make their fortune, but few ever get the opportunity, or even know how to do so. Moving to Mexico might not be your first guess for the best job choices, but it could be the most likely option you have. We know that Mexico gets a bad rap when it comes to careers; “bad pay, worse benefits” is a mantra for some professions in the country, but it’s 100% different when you work in sales. Take a look at this article about why sales is the best job choice in Mexico.

Why a sales job is the best job choice in Mexico

The kind of pay-packet you can make in sales is just not matched by any other profession in the country, and when you work in one of the coastal beach destinations in Mexico your options really are endless. Places like Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Loreto stand out as places to find the best jobs in Mexico. Sales jobs in these destinations are largely commission based, but allow you to earn wages comparable to those found in the USA and Canada… the cost of living in Mexico, however, is around 50% lower. So, you do the math … you can expect your wages to go a lot further.

Dream Sales Careers with Villa Group

If this sounds exciting to you then we’re glad because we agree, and we’re excited to announce that we’re looking for hardworking and talented saleswomen and salesmen to join our team in our top destinations in Mexico: Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Loreto.

Best Job for Time Off

Another reason why a job is sales is one of the best to be found in Mexico is the fact that you can make your own schedule and have a healthier work-life balance. The cost of living, as we said, is much lower here so you’ll be able to do more with your free time, and maybe even afford a few more luxuries than you’re used to.

The working environment, too, is better as you can make your own hours. Your wage is determined by your rate of success, not the hours you work. If you work your clients carefully and offer them what they want then you could be in the gym, on the beach, or at the bar before the sun has even thought about setting.

Best jobs for both men and women

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of working in sales is the fact that gender is less of an issue than it might be in other professions. Both men and women can find success in this business.

— December 1, 2016

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