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Within the timeshare industry, there are various jobs available, including OPCs (Off Premises Contact / Outside Public Contact), sellers, marketing teams and many more. In the Villa Group timeshare division, one of the most important jobs is the team of VLOs (Verification Loan Officers). These serve clients every single day of the year.

Verification Loan Officer Jobs.

One of the most important roles in the timeshare industry is the VLO. These are the people whose main job is to protect and make sure new members understand how their Villa Group timeshare contract works, and meet any clients who have decided that they would like to purchase a Villa del Palmar timeshare.

Working on Behalf of the Developer.

In working on behalf of the developer, the Villa Group Timeshare division, the Verification Loan Officers are the representatives who make sure that new members understand all of the benefits that the membership is offering. The VLO at the Villa Group Timeshare division is a prestigious job position, requiring excellent people skills, diplomacy, and high levels of responsibility, honesty and attention to detail.

Training for the job.

Before signing their Villa Group timeshare contract, any clients may ask last minute questions regarding the details of membership. The VLOs, working together with the sales team, are the main point of contact and are highly trained to be able to answer any queries clients may have about their Villa Group membership. They undertake a large amount of detailed training to ensure they know all there is to know about membership. The VLOs will give clients their email address to ensure they are contactable at all times for any last minute questions.

VLO Job Opportunities.

Within the timeshare industry, Verification Loan Officers jobs do not come about very often and are a very popular career opportunity. As part of the Villa Group Timeshare Division there are always opportunities to further your career. Even if you start at the bottom, you can work yourself up the ladder as your greater knowledge about the industry grows.

If you believe you have the ability required to start a career with the Villa Group timeshare division, check out the remainder of this website and complete the employment questionnaire.

— December 8, 2016

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