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We all have friends we know who always seem to be active and positive and are able to stay up to date with whatever work they need to accomplish. On the other hand, many of us find it hard to keep ourselves self motivated. Self motivation is a key facet of reaching your goals and achieving success in our jobs, although many of us can be distracted or discouraged while at work. So what do you have to do to become more self motivated in your jobs? Follow the details below regarding self motivation and see how you can improve yourself.

Remaining Self Motivated

While working particularly in the sales industry, there are innumerable reasons to increase your self motivation in your job. It can help you to boost your organizational skills, assist enormously with your time management and will give you a much higher self-esteem and confidence. Every area of your life can be positively affected by becoming more self motivated and understanding how to inspire yourself to action.

Find Out What Motivates You?

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are within us all and we have a mixture of the two. Intrinsic, by definition includes having fun, feeling personally challenged or being interested in something. Extrinsic includes gaining a return such as money, power or good grades. We all need to understand what makes you want to do something, especially when it comes to our jobs. This sometimes is much easier said than done. We all have our own individual and unique way of looking at the world and motivations can alter and change frequently, and with them, our needs, desires and goals can progress as well. All these can influence how we are self motivated by different things and at different periods in our lives.

Learning to love your job

You have probably heard the expression, “when you love what you do for a living, you will look forward to your day and most likely it won’t even feel like work” a thousand or more times. But it is true. It makes your day pass in a pleasing manner rather than it just dragging on. You may not be satisfied with your current job, but you need to concentrate on the positive features which may make yourself a lot more contented. Self motivation can come more naturally and loving your job can also make dealing with long hours and stress a lot more bearable. Learning to love your job little by little can help you to become more self motivated.

Remain Self Motivated

Surrounding yourself with positive, enthusiastic individuals will help you to stay self motivated and focussed. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses and do what you can to enhance or minimize them. Make sure you always have a positive attitude and view any setbacks you encounter on the way as opportunities to grow and learn from them. By keeping note of what you would like to achieve and do, you can strive to make it happen. Studying and chatting with people you find interesting, gaining new information by reading will maintain your curiosity. Beware, procrastination is the big enemy in any job, so make sure you keep striving towards your goals until you achieve them.

— January 4, 2017

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