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For some, getting an opportunity to work in Puerto Vallarta is a dream come true. Imagine living and working by the beach, living a lifestyle that few are able to experience. However, relocating to Puerto Vallarta can be a daunting change in your life. A move like this can be a challenge, especially if you are moving over from a foreign country like the United States or Canada. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you settle in when you arrive, relocating to Puerto Vallart.

Finding somewhere to live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It would be wise when relocating to Puerto Vallarta, if you don’t have any friends or family nearby, to spend your first week or so in a cheap hotel. Not only will this help you to get your bearings in a secure location, but it will give you time to figure out exactly where you are working and, thereby, where you would like to live. This also gives you a chance to meet people at your workplace who may know someone looking for a roommate, or looking to rent out a spare room. Mano a Mano, a local publication, is also a great place to look for long term housing options.

Furnishing your house

If you end up renting an unfurnished house or apartment, Mano a Mano is also a great place to look for bigger bits and pieces of furniture. Hotels can be a good source of furniture, too, as they often renew items, selling off the old ones and giving the proceeds to charity. You should also keep your eyes peeled for local garage sales and bazaars for cheap furnishings to get you started.


Relocating to Puerto Vallarta with children in tow can be really tough, so it is key that you get them back into a routine as soon as possible. There are quite a number of bilingual schools, mostly private, for those coming over from foreign countries. Mexican nationals will also be able to choose from some fantastic public schools. It’s best to know where your child’s school will be early on, as it will have an effect upon where you would, ideally, want to live.

Your Finances

When starting a new career you should be sure to have at least 3 months of bills, rent, and food shopping money set to the side, just in case. Make sure that your responsibilities to family or friends are covered for a short time, and be prepared to live frugally for the first while. Though you can make great money when joining the Villa Group sales team in Puerto Vallarta, it can take a little time to get into the swing of things. In the interim you need to be able to support yourself and your family.

— February 23, 2016

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