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When in need of work, and verging on desperate, it is very easy to make a poor choice based on a sense of misplaced necessity and fear that we may never find the job we are looking for. It always pays to keep in mind that you are looking for a job and company that suits you in the long run, not just any paid work. Security comes from finding a job that allows you room to grow and develop; a place you enjoy working in, a place where you are valued and respected. This means that your chances of finding a lifelong career is higher.


The relationship you have with your boss is a key factor in how happy you will be in your new, or current, job. When you attend your interview you should be interviewing your boss as much as they are you; after all, finding the right career is a two way street. Your new boss should be someone you can respect, someone whose ideals match your own as closely as possible.

Things to Consider when looking for the best boss

Consider if you like the atmosphere of the office when you enter; are other team members smiling and happy when you arrive? Do they look relaxed? Does there seem to be a good dynamic between them and the management team? All these questions will help you to figure out if you want to work there! You should also ask about the turnover of staff in your potential place of work. How long the last person remained in the position and their reasons for leaving will be a good indication of whether the job is going to be a good one. If the job vacancy is a result of a promotion, that is a great sign.

What to look for in your Boss

The qualities of a the best bosses are simple, but certain. They must know how to walk the line between being laid-back and approachable, and ensuring that the team stays motivated enough to meet their deadlines and goals. They must also have the strength to accept the responsibilities of leading the team, as well as the ability to make decisions that have great impact. If they are too soft, they will lose respect; too demanding and there will be little incentive to try pleasing them.

So, the next time you’re in an interview, keep your eye on the potential new boss, and ask yourself if they have the qualities and skills you need. You, in the end, choose whether or not you accept any job offer, and you should choose to work in a place you can settle in to. The best job is one where you feel valued!

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— February 29, 2016

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