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Many people dream of living and working somewhere sunny, warm and coastal like Cabo San Lucas, but it need not be just a dream! Cabo San Lucas is a thriving tourist town with a sizable ex-pat community found at the tip of the Baja California peninsula. This is contrast country, and you’ll find that the unexpected is in good supply here.

Living and working in Cabo San Lucas

The El Arco rock formation is a perfect example of of stunning contrasts; this iconic landmark stands in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. It can be seen from Medano beach, but to truly experience the majesty of this geological wonder you’ll need to get to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) and the base of the formation. You can do this by getting on a tour at Medano beach. Knowing you are swimming in both and Ocean and a Sea at the same time is pretty interesting, too.

The beauty of nature in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo sits in the shadow of the Sierra de Laguna and Sierra de la Victoria mountains which run along Baja California Sur to the North of the city. Besides all the wonderful scenery, however, Cabo san Lucas has much to offer; this is a thriving economy with plenty to offer to those who call it home. There is plenty of work for those fluent in English, and on your days off you’ll have plenty to do surrounded by nature.

It’s not all work in Cabo San Lucas

Watersports, nightclubs, ATV tours and spas can be found with relative ease in this most luxurious of cities. You’ll never be stuck for somewhere wonderful to eat out, either: fine-dining, burger bars, beach bars, delis, and cafes are in abundance here. So too are bars and clubs.

Direct Flights

Better still, Cabo is in the enviable position of benefiting from direct flights to and from the USA and Canada. This means you and your family can get to your Cabo san Lucas home whenever you want to, and, furthermore, this means that any home you have here will have great rental potential.

There are so many great reasons you should be living and working in Cabo San Lucas. Send us your resume today and ask for an interview.

— September 15, 2016

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