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Cabo San Lucas is a great location to start a new career or job, especially if you want a total change of lifestyle and pace. There are some many amazing job and career opportunities in Cabo, especially English speakers who can also speak some Spanish. Most of the best paid work you will find will be related to sales, whether timeshare or otherwise, following by management positions in Cabo hotels. Other jobs and careers available to you in Cabo San Lucas include teaching, agriculture, and business administration.

How do I find the best Cabo Jobs and Careers?

If you are seeking a professional career or managerial job in Cabo, then you’ll find that going online is a good place to start to scope out appropriate companies in your field. Most reputable companies with a good website have a section on their webpage about employment opportunities at the company. Send your resume or fill out an application form and you never know, you might be able to find a job before you even set foot in Mexico. Craigslist is another place you can look for job vacancies.

What skills do you need for a job in Cabo?

That depends mostly upon the career you wish to break into, but the most useful skill you can offer employers in Cabo is to speak English fluentyly. Speaking both English and Spanish is even better! Jobs and careers in Cabo that are more specialized or do not require much contact with English speaking clients will require a good command of Spanish.

How much can you expect to get paid for Cabo Jobs

Compared what you might earn in the USA, Canada, or Europe wages in Mexico are much lower, but the cost of living is much lower too. You need to weigh up how much you need to live on and how much you will earn. On average, to live a good standard of life in Cabo, you need to be earning between 1500 and 2000 dollars a month, less if you find a cheap rent, and more if you want luxuries like a private pool and ocean view.

— October 14, 2015

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