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Are you fed up with a fast-paced lifestyle and ready to drastically change up your routine? Are you still able to work, but sick of a 9 to 5 desk job and are aching for something more? If so, why not open yourself up to the idea of moving to Mexico and working and enjoying life in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sunny weather year round

One of the best parts of living in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the great climate. Especially for those who are living in cold parts of the United States or Canada, the moderate climate in Puerto Vallarta can be a much-welcomed change to improve your daily life and happiness level. Shoveling snow and bundling up in heavy winter coats and scarves do not have much appeal when you could be wearing polo shirts and shorts or sundresses in the winter.

Some of the best jobs are found in the booming hotel industry in Puerto Vallarta. Working at a luxury resort or hotel can offer many opportunities to those interested in moving to Puerto Vallarta and finding a better work-life balance. Many of the beautiful vacation resorts that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists each year also have numerous employment opportunities for both foreigners and nationals alike. It almost doesn’t feel like work when you are surrounded by such a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere where people are on vacation and having fun. Who wouldn’t like coming to work every day when you are surrounded by beautiful landscaping on a luxurious resort property?

Many types of positions hiring

Depending on what kind of job suits you best, there is something for everything in Puerto Vallarta. One of the best-paid jobs in Puerto Vallarta in the hotel industry is those working timeshare sales or vacation sales. You can help others find their dream home or second home in Mexico, and earn a great living at the same time from the commissions if you make a sale. Many times if you work for a hotel group that has hotels in other locations, it can be a great selling point for those interested in a timeshare investment.

If sales jobs are not for you, hotels are also great places to find jobs in the food and beverage industry. Whether you are a top chef or enjoy the fast-paced environment of being a hostess or server, English skills can help you get ahead in resorts where the majority of clientele are from English speaking countries. If you are looking for a more adventurous role and like to stay fit, you could look into an Activities Coordinator position. This is someone who would help coordinate any sports or cultural activities that the hotel will host, and is great for someone who likes a high energy environment and lots of interaction with people.

Tourism is one of the top industries in Mexico so there are endless jobs for those looking to move to Mexico and try their hand at a new, more exciting life. Why not give it a try?

Seize the moment

Working and living in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a great opportunity that some people only dream of. Do you like helping others and want to escape from the brutal cold winters of the north? It almost seems to too good to be true, but the reality is many people including Americans and Canadians have jobs in Mexico and are enjoying the good life as they earn a living. Can you see yourself in one of these jobs? If so, living and finding a job in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico just may be right for you, too!

— June 4, 2018

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