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Part of landing the job of your dreams is getting through the Interview stage so you can land a job offer. Although it is not the easiest part of working, there are ways to make your interview go as good as it can. Let’s discuss some great tips for making the most of your time so you can land whatever job you have in mind.

Preparation & Research

To start with, it is essential to practice your responses to common interview questions ahead of time. It is helpful to have examples of ways you have succeeded in past jobs or situations, and to clearly explain them to your potential employer. For a particular job, plan ahead by going through the job requirements and finding ways to highlight how your skills will match what they are looking for. You should also research the company ahead of time so you know it’s basic history and function. If possible, you should also do some research on the person who will be interviewing you so you can find a way to ask them questions so you can build a rapport with the interviewer in person. It is also important to prepare your interview outfit and any paperwork you may need like copies of your resume ahead of time. That will reduce stress and anxiety and hopefully make your interview day go more smoothly.

Be on Time

This should go without saying, but make sure you are on time for your interview. In fact, it is best to be about five to ten minutes early to show that you are responsible and organized. If you are late, that will give your potential employer a bad impression and could even cost you the job offer. If you are unsure of the interview location, make sure you leave with plenty of time to account for any traffic or parking delays that you may encounter. Once you arrive early, it is also a good idea to visit the bathroom so you can double check your appearance and take some deep breaths before you begin the interview.

Confident & Calm

Make sure to greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and good eye contact to start the interview off on a good foot. Although it is normal to feel nervous during interviews, do your best to portray yourself in the best light by being confident in what you can offer to the company. Stay calm and focus on speaking slowly if you tend to speak fast in uncomfortable situations. It is also very important to listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions so you can answer to the best of your ability.

Send a Thank You

After your interview, set yourself apart from other applicants by sending a thank you note to your interviewer. In today’s world, an email thank you is fine as opposed to sending a written letter as was recommended in the past. Thank them for the time they took to interview you, and reiterate what skills make you the best candidate for the job. This is also an opportunity to include any information you may have forgotten to mention during the interview that you think may help highlight your abilities.

In conclusion, nobody really likes interviews but the reality is they are part of getting a new job and cannot be avoided. Therefore, to make the most of your interview, prepare yourself ahead of time, do not be late, remain calm and collected and follow up with a thank you note. These simple tips will make your interview go more smoothly and will portray you as an ideal person for the job. Good luck!

— May 29, 2018

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