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If you have a job interview coming up and you want to land that dream job, then look at the following job interview tips provided below.

Best job interview tips:

Do Research on the Company

Always do a simple Google search on the employer, visit the website of the employer, and look at the employer’s social media, so you can learn more information about who you are hoping to work with. Reveal any skills, interests, and experiences that the employer can relate too. You should also search the size of the company and find out what their annual sales are, and research the products and services that the company has. If you do this research, then you will be better prepared for your job interview.

Touch base before heading to your job interview

Before you go to the job interview, you should call the person that scheduled your job interview. This will allow you to ask who you will be talking to at the interview, and learn their name beforehand and how to pronounce it, because it just may be your potential manager. You should also ask what the dress code is for the employer and if you need directions you can ask at this time, so you don’t get lost and be late for your interview.

General Etiquette

It is vital to have the correct etiquette for a job interview. It will give a good impression of yourself to the employer. Any employee that you encounter should be greeted and the interviewer too. Shake hands with the interviewer and make eye contact, smiling often, and sit up straight. You should always avoid slouching or sitting back during a job interview.

Speak up and show confidence

Most of all you should speak clearly and let your personality come out and shine. Not only is important to speak clearly, but listening is just as important. Always pay attention to the conversation and think about the answers to the questions before you answer them. You can ask a friend or family member set up a practice interview for you, so you can practice these skills.

Show an inquisitive spirit

Let the interviewer know your accomplishments, goals, and experience, then ask questions about the job and position, so the interviewer knows that you are very interested in the job position.

Pay Attention to Little Details

You should always pay attention to the little details, which include your outfit. Pick out a nice outfit the night before the interview. You should go to bed early that night, so you are fully rested, then when you wake up in the morning you should start the day with a healthy breakfast. Leave with plenty of time to spare for your job interview in case you come across traffic or looking for a place to park.

Keep Your Nerves Calm

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, because you will forget important tasks. You will be able to focus better if your nerves are calm. You can exercise, take deep breaths, and make sure you don’t drink a lot of caffeine before your interview, so your nerves are calm. Put some lavender oil on a tissue and breathe in the aroma while waiting to enter the job interview.

— March 28, 2017

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