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There are dozens of reasons why relocating to Mexico might seem like a fabulous idea; whether you have been offered your dream job or you are looking to retire, choosing Mexico as your new home is a great idea. Once you have decided that a move to Mexico is the best thing for you and your family, you will no doubt starting thinking about all the things you have to do when relocating to Mexico. This is where our essential checklist for relocating to Mexico comes in handy.

Here are some of the things you need to remember when relocating to Mexico.

Do you have all your documents in order?

This is an obvious one, and something you think most people would remember, but it is actually one of the things that people do forget. It is so important that you check that you and every person travelling with you has an up-to-date passport, and all the relevant visas. If you need any more forms or you have fees to pay you can generally get what you need at your local Mexican consulate. You should also make sure that you take your visas, birth certificate etc with you when you move. If you are relocating to Mexico after being offered a job with the Villa Group, you will also receive some guidance about how to get your work visa sorted before arriving to Mexico. Remember that you cannot apply for a working visa once you are in Mexico, but must do so before you leave.

Make a list of all the things you want to take with you

This is a really big one, but it depends on your personal circumstances and how long you intend to move for. If you don’t see relocating to Mexico as being permanent, for example, it would make sense to store your large furnishings and take only what is essential, like clothing, with you to Mexico. If it’s going to be very long term you might choose to sell your furnishings for a fresh start; it’s easy to find furnished rentals in Mexico. If you know for a fact you’re moving permanently you might choose to bring your furnishings with you, or have them sent along at a later date. You really just need to think about what will make the process easiest for you.

Decide whether to take your car

This ties in nicely with the last point as whether or not to bring your car when relocating to Mexico will depend on how long you are going to stay. You will need to think about whether you’ll be storing, selling, or bringing it with you. You can bring your car with you to Mexico but will need to have the correct permits, which limits one car per adult. After becoming a resident in Mexico, you will not be able to bring a car with you without being subject to import taxes etc. It might be easier in the long run to purchase a car once you are in Mexico.

Physically moving to Mexico

If you’re driving to your destination you should make sure your car is well-equipped and serviced before you set out, if not most people find flying the best way to travel to Mexico. You will also find that there are plenty of international removal companies that can help you with relocating to Mexico.

Will you rent or buy a home?

Housing should be at the top of your list on both ends of your move! If you rent your current home you will need to give notice of your leaving, and if you own your home you need to think about whether you wish to leave it vacant, rent it out, or sell it. You should also look into finding housing in your destination as soon as you know when you aim to move. The best advice is to rent first so that you can scout out the different areas.

Plan ahead for your children

If you have kids coming with you it should be a priority to look into good schools in the area, and to set aside time to tour them when you arrive. You should also let any activities, groups, and sporting teams that your kids participate in know that you are moving. You should also arrange for their last day of school if you leave mid-term.

Bringing pet when relocating to Mexico

It’s not hard to take your beloved family pet with you; you need only make sure they have all of their shots and a certificate of health from a licensed veterinarian. Unusual pets may require special import permits, though, so look into that.

Inform your banks and other financial institutions

Simplify your finances before you leave to avoid headaches. Consolidate accounts and drop unneeded credit cards before moving. You can also see if your bank is affiliated with any Mexican banks; using their ATMs will help you to avoid extra fees. Make sure you set up online access to your bank accounts too, so that you can easily manage your finances from Mexico.

Tying up loose ends back home

Pay any pending bills and cancel all unwanted subscriptions, services, and accounts before you go. There’s no need for you to be paying for magazines and newspapers you’ll never receive, only for them to pile up at your old address.

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— March 23, 2017

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