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Get a Job in Mexico

If you want to get a job in Mexico then you need only three things; time, determination, and skills of some sort. Of course, like getting a job anywhere in the world, a little bit of charm never harms your chances. If you are looking for a job in Mexico specifically, then there are some specific skills and experiences you might want to cultivate.

Skills and Attitudes that will help you get a job in Mexico

Speak the Lingo

Knowing how to speak Spanish, at the very least, the basics of it, will go some way towards making you employable in Mexico. If you know the basics when you arrive, your Spanish will improve with time. Though it is likely that your job in Mexico will be based on your English speaking skills, it doesn’t hurt to learn the local language as it will help you to blend with the community and shows your dedication to living and working in Mexico. Employers will only see this as a good thing.

Driver’s License

Having a valid driver’s license can really help you to get a job in Mexico, too. When you arrive in Mexico one of the first things you should do is to look into getting a Mexican driver’s license too.

Social Media Skills

A good understanding of how to use social media, online marketing, and sales programs can be a great thing for you in your job search. Without at least a basic understanding of IT you cannot really hope to net a great career anywhere, and Mexico is no different. Just because Mexico is listed as a developing country, that doesn’t mean everything will be done on paper. Mexico has a global presence and uses many of the very latest computer programs.


Contrary to popular beliefs, punctuality can be a huge factor in getting a job in Mexico. Though some may tell you that Mexico is not a nation where punctuality is of great importance, you will find that this is not the case in the professional arena. Employers in Mexico expect and give punctuality. A good attitude and good timekeeping can give you an edge over other candidates and help you get a great job in Mexico.

Manners and Respect

Try to be pleasant, courteous, and patient. Throwing your weight around will get you nowhere (unless you’re the one paying the wages), until then (and even at that point) you should keep in mind that how you ask is as important as what you ask. If you are rude, or demanding you’ll find that things get done slowly in Mexico. A smile and some charm will get you further with colleagues and employers than complaints and a poor attitude. While this is true, of course, in every country, Mexican society puts a heavy emphasis on manners and good behaviour.

— April 2, 2015

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