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Balancing Work, Life and Fun in Puerto Vallarta

Starting a new job in any area can be daunting, especially if you’ve just moved from another city or country, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception! It is key, when starting again in a new place, that you find the right balance between work, play, and time just for you. We have some tips for just how you can do this, and thereby make the most of your great opportunity!

Balancing Work, Life and Fun in Puerto Vallarta

Time Management

This might seem to be more related to your work ethic, but it has much more to do with your quality of life than you might think. Time management means so much more than turning up to work on time. It means setting aside time for yourself; it means making sure you don’t burn out. After all, what is this great opportunity of not a chance to enjoy your work and life a little more.

It is fairly common with any sales or promotion job to think that spending as much time as possible working is the way to go. Jobs which are based on commissions seem to encourage that kind of attitude, but it can often be counter-productive. Instead you should be strategic about when you work; if you’re having a good day, are in a great mood, and are having a lucky streak then it might be a good idea to stay a little later. After all, this confidence can transfer into great sales! If you’re tired, sore, and grumpy, however, it might be best to go home, get some rest, and have a little fun. No-one will believe what you say about how relaxing and wonderful the resorts are if you seem unhappy yourself!

Eat Well, Eat Regularly

This might seem like your mother speaking, but it’s actually very good advice to follow if you want to ensure your success in your new job! It has been scientifically proven that when our blood sugar is low we are less efficient and productive! So, break that bad habit and stop working through your lunch hour, If you insist on working through, why not have healthy snacks at your desk? A few apples, or some pancakes and honey will keep your blood sugar up by giving you the complex carbs you need.

Remember your commissions rely on your ability to be warm and friendly; taking care of yourself pays off anyway, but when you work in sales it pays doubly!

See the Sights!

Be sure to see the sights around Puerto Vallarta on your days off! The city is wonderful, and it really helps to do something on your days off. Obviously you need time to simply do nothing, but getting out and about will stimulate your mind and give you something to tell friends, family, and even clients (conversation is the first step to a sale, after all).

Stagnation can lead to feeling down, lonely, or lost; make sure that you do things just for you now and then!

Know When to Say No

Puerto Vallarta can make or break you, especially in this business; it’s a big party town, and when you have work to keep up with it can be hard to find that healthy balance. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; you should definitely take time for yourself, but keep in mind that drinking every night will only have a bad effect upon your work. Working for Villa Group in Puerto Vallarta can really launch your career so just be careful; the party scene can be a great way to avoid burn out, but it shouldn’t be the centre of every weekend.

— March 31, 2015

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