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Most employers seek dedication, loyalty, and faithfulness from their employees, but unfortunately, many employers are not so great at returning the same respect to employees. No one can deny that trust and commitment should be what professional relationships are built on. Having a boss who supports and motivates you will make both you and the company more successful. When employees believe that their boss and the company truly cares for them, then employees will actually perform much better.Nevertheless, we cannot always rely on having an amazing boss and so we have to work at creating a positive relationship that enables us to prosper and enjoy our jobs.

Invest in your Relationship with your Boss

Once you have been hired, you should get familiar with the culture of the company along with keeping an eye on your boss while you are being trained to see what their managerial style is. Spend your induction time observing how he or she treats others and how your co-workers treat your new boss. The best time to ask questions is when you first arrive and people are more open to helping you.

Speak up

Even if your boss’s communication skills are so great, you should still ask questions if you are not sure. This will build trust with your boss along with establishing a line of healthy communication, which is very important. If you really want to get to know your boss, then you should learn how they operate throughout the day at work, learn to know their moods, learn how they would like to communicate, and understand their leadership style.


Some bosses are more strict and emotional when it comes to reinforcing than other bosses. Some bosses might come across as cold and distant. You must learn to respect the communication style of your boss and mimic it in return to ensure a positive work environment.

What leadership type is your boss?

There are numerous leadership and communication styles, so don’t fall into the trap that if your boss doesn’t act the same as your previous boss that he or she isn’t doing a good job. A boss’s leadership style will be based on a number of factors: their personality, the type of business, the level of stress involved in the job, deadlines etc.


Respect should be earned by both bosses and employees, and together they should have a relationship that is healthy, and this will only make the company stronger and better.

How is your relationship with your boss? Today is the day that you can start building a healthier relationship with your boss.

— February 8, 2018

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