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When deciding that working in Mexico is something that you definitely want to do then there are certain things you have to take into consideration. Working in Mexico as a foreigner is not so difficult but there is quite a bit of red tape to navigate.

Working Visas for Mexico

One of the major parts of preparing to work in Mexico as a foreigner is securing a working Visa. Thankfully, unlike some other countries, this is not too painful to achieve, albeit time consuming and a little frustrating. The best scenario is to secure your job before you enter Mexico, performing Skype interviews etc, as you will need to prepare your visa application while out of the country.

If you do not have a job offer before arriving to Mexico and have not been sponsored for a visa then this can be done once you arrive. You can enter and stay on a visiting visa for 6 months and in this time you can find a job. However, you must be prepared to leave the country once you have found the right job in order to apply for the work visa. You cannot work in Mexico as a foreigner without it.

Temporary Residents, Permanent Residents and FM2/3

Formerly known as an FM2/FM3, the new temporary and permanent resident visas provide the right for foreigners in Mexico to engage in lucrative activities. You first must find the job that you desire and to get this job it is important to remember to bring copies of your birth certificate and any work references from previous jobs to hand. Once you have been offered the job the company will issue you with a letter with their offer and the duties you will be doing within the company.

Then you can start to put your application together including the following things:

  • Birth Certificate
  • All degrees/titles/certifications and transcripts from universities or other relevant schools.
  • Your passport — they may want copies of every page or just the photo page. Remember to ask.
  • The little immigration paper you filled out when you entered Mexico. It will say how many days you are allowed to stay. When you get the visa, they won’t return it, but if for some reason you are denied, make sure you get it back. Without it you will pay a fine when leaving Mexico.
  • The application printed
  • Photos — the size of most drivers license photos. Immigration should have a spec sheet. Many immigration offices have a photo shop nearby.
  • Two payments – one when you apply and one when you pick up the visa. Get the forms from the office.

Once you have the plastic visa in your hands you can be free to enjoy working in this wonderful country amongst amazing people and become one of the locals. You will have no regrets.

— April 13, 2016

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