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Did you know that you can use the law of attraction and positive thinking to get the very best job for you… here are some of the best tips and hints we have to use when it comes to your own job hunt.

How to use the law of attraction to find the right job for you.

Remember that Like Attracts Like

The law of attraction states that like attracts like which means that you attract the kinds of things that you are thinking about. This means that the first step to find the right job is to start thinking about the kind of jobs you would like rather than focussing on what it is that you dislike about your current situation. Stop complaining and start focusing on what you love about your current job in order to encourage law of attraction to find the right job for you effortlessly.

Make a vision board to find the right job

Collect photos from magazines and other sources that represent the way you want your life, and your job, to be. Make a collage with these images as you imagine yourself enjoying all of the benefits and experiences that they entail. For example, add a picture of a director’s chair, or a lawyer, or even an image of how you would like your bank account to look! Keep it somewhere safe and when you find the right job, you can look back at it to see all the elements that came true.


Choose a few mantras to keep you positive and on track whilst job hunting. Things like “when I am happy, I will find the right job for me;” “Things are working out for me and abundance surrounds me:” or even “I’m on the perfect path for me” are good examples. The idea is that you can help things to manifest into your reality when you are happy and vibrating on a higher frequency.

Celebrate Progress (no matter how small)

No matter how small they might be, successes are still reasons to be happy, so be sure to celebrate them. For example, you should be proud of getting an interview even if you don’t get the job, and you should be happy when your best friend has been able to find the right job for him or her (it shows it is possible).

Follow up leads from contacts

The law of attraction is powerful and works in mysterious ways, but it can’t do everything for you so be sure to follow up on contacts and leads even if you think that the prospect is slim or ill-fitting. You never know who you might meet, or what information you might get from it.

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— February 28, 2017

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