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Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful location in which to start a new job or career, especially if you are looking for a complete change of pace and lifestyle. There are a large number of opportunities available for jobs in Puerto Vallarta, especially for the bilingual and native English speakers. This is largely due to the fact that the hotel and hospitality industries dominate the Mexican beachfront economies. With that said, however, you will find many job positions available to you in Puerto Vallarta, including teaching, agriculture, and business administration.

How do I find the best Puerto Vallarta Jobs and Careers?

If you are looking to go into professional careers then you’ll find that scoping out appropriate companies in your field, most likely online, is the best way to start to look for Puerto Vallarta jobs and careers. Most websites will have a special section regarding careers and employment within the company; click the “contact us” button and send your resume first! It never hurts to let people in your business know that you are looking for work; be concise, polite, and eloquent, and you might just find that they remember your name. Craigslist, and publications like Mano a Mano offer access to national and local job listings, respectively.

What skills do you need?

It really depends upon the job you desire to go into, but the most useful skill you can have in Puerto Vallarta is to speak English well. Speaking both English and Spanish would be even better, especially if your grasp of Spanish is more than basic. If your job is more specialized and does not require contact with the public or tourists then Spanish is an essential skill. Literacy, both in the technical sense and in the literal sense, is also essential for most careers in Puerto Vallarta; a hugely technological area.

What are the wages like for Puerto Vallarta Jobs

Compared to the USA, Canada, and Europe wages in Mexico are a little low, but the cost of living is also much lower. So, in all truth, you can enjoy the same standard of living, if not slightly better, in Mexico as you did before. Those with few specialized skills or qualifications may want to apply for sales or promotional positions within the hotel industry, as the wages will be better than in many other jobs. “Unskilled” work like bar-tending, and waitress work will rely largely on tips, as the wages can be quite low.

— September 23, 2015

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