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One of the common questions we get from both potential and successful candidates looking for a job at Dream Sales Career is about whether bringing your car when relocating to Mexico is a good idea. If you are thinking about bringing your car when relocating to Mexico, this is the article just for you!

Benefits of bringing your car to Mexico

There are clear benefits to owning a car in Mexico, but whether or not it is beneficial to bring your car from back home is another question. Whether bringing your own car or purchasing one when you get here, having a car will make getting around much easier for you, especially if you decide to live away from your place of work and have a long commute. However, if you decide on not bringing your car or wish to wait a while before buying a car, you will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of options with taxis and public transportation in Mexico.

If you are sure you want to bring your car to Mexico, you might want to bear in mind the following points:

Driving within the “Free Zone”

The “Free Zone” is approximately 22 miles (approx 35 km) from the border and any cars that are not Mexican plated can easily cross the border and drive within the “Free Zone” area, and you won’t need to get a temporary vehicle permit to do so. If you plan on driving south of the “Free Zone” area, then there will be checkpoints that are guarded and at these checkpoints you will have to have an import permit to show the guards. You cannot purchase the import permit at any of the checkpoints, so you should make sure that you purchase one before driving out of the “Free Zone” region.

Vehicle Rules and Limits

Each individual over 18 years old is allowed to import only one car If you are relocating to Mexico and your spouse and children are joining you and your children are over the age of eighteen, then they too can register the car for importation. There is an exception to the one car importing rule in Mexico, which is if you are traveling to Mexico on a RV, then you can tow a car behind the RV, so both of these vehicles are allowed into Mexico at the same time. All you will need to do is show ownership proof for the RV and the other vehicle. If you leave Mexico, then you will have to take the RV and the other vehicle with you at the same time. The trailer that is transporting the second vehicle is not considered a vehicle, but you will still have to show ownership of the trailer and when you leave Mexico it should be taken with you at the same time.

If you have a motorcycle or ATV’s that you are towing behind the RV on a trailer to Mexico, then these also have to register before you bring them to Mexico with you. There is a limit of three single passenger vehicles and ownership proof is required for one main vehicle and all of these must leave the country when you leave the country.

How Long Import Permits Last?

As long as your current visa is valid is the length of time that your vehicle import permit is valid. Which means that if you have arrived on a tourist visa, every time you leave Mexico, you will need to leave with your vehicle. When you have a temporary resident visa your vehicles are allowed to stay in Mexico with you, but if you have a permanent resident visa, then you can no longer bring any vehicles with you into Mexico.

As you can see relocating to Mexico and bringing your car isn’t a difficult process, and having your car with you will only make your commute and traveling much easier.

— May 4, 2017

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