Jobs at the Villa Group Timeshare Division: VLOs – Villa Group Recruiting

There are many jobs related to the timeshare industry, from OPCs (Off Premises Contact / Outside Public Contact) to sellers to marketing teams and more. One of the most important jobs at the Villa Group timeshare division is the team of VLOs (Verification Loan Officers) that serve clients each day of the year.

Verification Loan Officer Jobs

This job is a particularly important role whose main purpose is to protect new members and to make sure that they understand the way that their Villa Group timeshare contract works. VLOs are the people who meet clients after they have decided that, yes, they would like to purchase a Villa del Palmar timeshare.

Working on Behalf of the Developer

The Verification Loan Officers are representatives who work on behalf of the developer, in our case, the Villa Group Timeshare division, to make sure that members understand all of the benefits their membership is offering. This is a prestigious job position at the Villa Group Timeshare division and demands high levels of responsibility, honesty and attention to details with excellent people skills and diplomacy.


While the VLOs work together with the sales team, they are the main point of contact for any questions regarding the details of clients’ membership. It is with them that clients will ask any last minute questions they might have before signing their Villa Group timeshare contract.

Therefore, a lot of training is involved to make sure that you know the Villa Group membership inside and out so as to be able to clarify any doubts clients may have. Most good VLOs will provide their email addresses to clients in case they have any questions.

VLO Job Opportunities

VLO jobs do not come up very frequently as they are popular amongst many people working within the timeshare industry. However, there are always avenues for growth with the Villa Group Timeshare division and so even starting out at the lowest ranks you will be able to grow as your knowledge of the industry grows.

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— December 17, 2015

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