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Have you ever watched the TV at home and seen those programs about adventure and travel in sunny foreign places like Mexico; and you see people like you living and working in these exotic places with incredible jobs. You probably ask yourself: How did they get there? Where do you find such jobs in Mexico. And then, if only I could do that too! Sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around. We all know that life is what you make, but don’t forget that it is also “where” you make it. International sales jobs in Mexico, could be the ticket for you!

Think about your lifestyle right now. Are you stuck in traffic for a good couple of hours every day getting to and from work? Do you have very little quality time with your kids except on weekends, when you are too tired to do anything very exciting? How many hours of sunlight do you get to enjoy each day? Think about those questions and then consider life at the beach in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and the Islands of Loreto, Mexico working for the Villa Group in the International sales room.

International Sales Jobs in Mexico with the Villa Group

Just imagine arrive home from work with plenty of time to pick up your kids from a private school you can afford, take some time to paddle board or go to the gym before choosing one of the many gourmet restaurants available in these top destinations in Mexico.

So, how can you do that? First, read the contents of this website and apply with the Villa Group directly and see if you can make a fantastic first impression for one of the international sales jobs. The positions at the Villa Group are not for everyone but if you have a background in customer service and working with people: taxi drivers, car salespeople, store assistants, hairdressers, teachers, policemen (… the list goes on) are the ideal candidates.

But, of course, it is not all about fun! It is work. You will, however, be trained for success and supported by a warm team of ambitious salespeople and customer service experts, so that you bring out the very best in yourself. Although people from all walks of life, ages and experience who speak English fluently and eloquently are welcome to apply to Villa Group for this fabulous opportunity, not everyone will be successful. At the Villa Group, we are looking for that extra spark and talent to make our teams even stronger and more successful.

If you think you have what it takes to succeed at one of our international sales jobs in Mexico, please follow the instructions on the questionnaire and get in touch with us for an interview.

— January 21, 2016

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