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Access to the universal healthcare system for residents in Mexico can be obtained from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, or IMSS for short for between $300 and $600 per year. It’s their universal healthcare policy and for this nominal cost you get access to free hospital care, dentistry, surgeries and prescription medication. It should be noted “free” doesn’t actually mean free. You still have to pay a fee annually, which is comparable to what the local people pay in taxes. It’s a very small amount indeed, and the majority of people consider the costs to be insignificant.

What if I am not a working residents?

If you are visiting Mexico on a tourist visa only, and don’t have residency or a wish to have access to private hospitals or medical practitioners, then any medical costs are pretty cheap. In the U.S.A it would cost you $80 to $100 to visit a clinician, such as a private doctor. In Mexico you would pay a mere 50 pesos for a doctor take care of you in one of the surgeries such as those associated with Farmacia Similares. That is equivalent to about three US dollars to see a doctor! If all you want is basic care, then it is not expensive, although you will get charged more if you see a private doctor.

Private medical care for working residents

For peace of mind and the best medical care in Mexico you can opt for private medical insurance at a cost of approx one thousand dollars a year. That is about 80 dollars a month and good value for money. Generally, average medical costs are some 70 to 80 percent lower than what they are in the USA and standards are considered just as high (if not higher!) than the US.

— September 1, 2016

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