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If you are bilingual and can speak both English and Spanish there are numerous job opportunities for Americans in Mexico especially if you know where to look. But, finding a job that pays well in Mexico is going to be one of the biggest problem you will have.

Best Jobs for Americans in Mexico

The most suitable employment in Mexico for Americans is those where they can use their knowledge in some way or another. Jobs such as speaking and writing perfect English, knowledge of the American market or having specific skills that is required in Mexico. Some of the best jobs for Americans in Mexico have resulted from being head-hunted from your own country. These jobs usually carry a reasonable salary.

Executive sales positions are possibly the top jobs for Americans in Mexico especially if you don’t have a particular skill, but are a first-class communicator and have some knowledge of the sales industry. Wages are fairly low in Mexico in comparison to the US and Canada, but sales jobs for Americans in Mexico can allow you to earn good money by both Mexican and US standards. One of the other benefits of taking a sales job is that the living costs are lower in Mexico and as you will earn a competitive salary, your quality of life increases. If your job is located in one of the coastal tourist towns such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas or Cancun you can also take advantage of the glorious beaches as well.

What about Immigration and working visas for Americans in Mexico?

Once you have a job lined up it is better to sort out your working visa before you arrive in Mexico as immigration laws can change frequently. Websites like this one are a great way to get the relevant information, arrange an online interview and help with any paperwork which is required to get a work visa for Mexico.

If you are an American seeking employment in Mexico or have some relevant advice you feel will add to this article, please feel free to leave your comments below and take a good look at the rest of this website to see if there are any jobs for Americans in Mexico listed here that you may like to apply for.

— July 11, 2016

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