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Wouldn’t it be fun earning big, while enjoying yourself at work? This may sound too good to be true, but working in the sales industry in Mexico makes it possible. Perks such as an unlimited earning potential and living in fabulous beach resort destinations are what you can get if you decide to embark in a timeshare sales career in Mexico with the Villa Group. A once in a lifetime chance can be yours for a dream sales job, so grab it and start reaching your life’s goals.

Dream Sales Career in Mexico

If you are looking for an exciting job that offers a great challenge, higher earnings and a dream location, then a sales career with the Villa Group’s timeshare division in Mexico is the answer. It can’t get any better, especially with the amount of money you can make. Unless you are running your own business in Mexico, there are few ways to make good money in Mexico apart from sales. Working in timeshare assures you of a steady flow of income that’s much higher than what an ordinary employee receives in Mexico.

Dream sales career wages for Villa Group timeshare employees are commissioned base, so the more sales you make, the more money raking in your bank. What’s good about this opportunity is that you’ll be selling excellent products under the protection of a long term reputable company that boasts 30 years in the industry. Products of the highest quality and reasonable prices, make timeshare with Villa Group highly attractive to prospective clients.

Many of you many have doubts about if you can really make it big abroad, and there are some common questions that get asked: What is the cost of living? Will it eat into my earnings? Will I have to pay high taxes? The great thing about a dream sales career in Mexico with Villa Group is that not only will you have the potential to earn big, but your expenses will be lower too.

Studies have shown that Mexico’s top resort destinations have significantly lower cost of living as compared to Canada and the United States. So it means a decent life with some attached luxuries that are affordable and within your means. You will have to pay taxes, but they are decided lower than most countries in the developed world.

Another question that is frequently posed about changing career in Mexico is the language barrier. For English speakers, this is not a problem. The fact is that the English language is more important when it comes to sales than Spanish in the timeshare industry. You’ll come face to face with clients from English speaking countries like the US and Canada in the sale’s room in one of the hotels of the timeshare company. It won’t require any mastery of the Spanish language, rather English skills are far more important. Learning Spanish at your own pace is highly recommended, however, to give you that edge and to make life in Mexico all the more pleasant.

Working as a Sales Representative with the Villa Group

There are many timeshare companies in Mexico, but the Villa Group is one of the most prestigious and longstanding. With over 30 years in the business, Villa Group offer positions for sales representatives in many of the magnificent resorts located in Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto and Cancun. This is a dream job because aside from earning unlimited income, you’ll be working in the world’s most beautiful places. Nothing beats being a professional and calling a luxury beach resort your home.

— December 30, 2015

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