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Finding dream jobs with LinkedIn is totally possible. LinkedIn boasts over two million members and growing, bringing together professionals for networking. What exactly is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most popular online platform where members can make connections based around work and jobs. Recruiters, managers, and business owners are using LinkedIn to search for the perfect candidates to employ. This is why it is very essential that job candidates possess a strong and impressive LinkedIn profile that highlights all of their skills in order to find your dream job. If your LinkedIn profile hasn’t been updated for some time, then now is the time that you should update your profile, especially if you are starting to search for jobs.

Top Tips for an Effective Profile on LinkedIn to get your dream job:

Dream Jobs with LinkedIn

Write a Detailed Summary Based Upon Career Successes

You should write a detailed summary for LinkedIn that is based upon your career so far, targeting the skills that you might need for your dream job. You should write about the accomplishments that you have and showcase your skills too. Depending on the dream job that you are wanting to land, you can use helpful keywords and phrases that relate to the job and add them to the summary. The summary should be around 100-300 words.

Share Job Experiences

You should share job experiences that will help with future job opportunities. Don’t just list experiences that you have with your current job. There is no need to list each and every job that you have had in the past, but highlight the ones that are most important. Any experiences that are relevant to your dream job should be listed.

All Skills Should Be Updated

There is a “skills and expertise” section on the LinkedIn profile that should be updated. Any recruiters or potential employers at your dream job are likely to glance at this section. You can add any skills or expertise that is relevant to the dream job that you are searching for along with past job experiences. Any connections that you have can also endorse all the skills that you have in the skills and expertise section.

Get Recommendations

Recruiters at your dream job may also look at any recommendations that you have, so you should try to get impressive references. The recommendations that you get will be on your profile along with the people that have given you recommendations pages too. This will give you the opportunity to have more people in the network looking at your profile and provide you with more connections. When you are getting recommendations you will want to make sure that the recommendations that you receive mention all of the skills and achievements that you have.

Connections for your dream job

One of the most important factors with networking for your dream job is connections. When you have connections, then your connections can introduce you to their connections too, and so on. There are pros and cons around connections as it is not just about having the most connections, but those who could benefit your line of work and help you toward your dream job. Your drinking buddy and his or her mates are not necessarily great contacts, while you ex boss and the recruitment manager at your friend’s firm are!

URL Customization

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) should be customized. The URL customization will boost you up to the top of Google search when someone is searching your name, which keeps you visible. If you happen to have a common name, then be creative. Think of a way to work your name using creativity as it will be worth it in the long run. It’s easy to make changes to your profile. You just go to the “Public profile settings”, then make all the changes that you need.

If you can’t find your dream job with LinkedIn by following these helpful tips, then why not apply for a job at Villa Group Timeshare division today and save yourself time.

— April 21, 2017

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