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There are a large number of attractive employment opportunities for foreigners in Mexico.

Mexico is a developing country which is growing steadily and quickly, and as such there is a surge of great occupations for foreigners in Mexico who have the right background. Mexico is a particularly welcoming environment for new enterprises; there is often cause for hiring foreigners with specific skills and experiences. However, even if you lack specific skills and qualifications you will find that there are numerous opportunities for you in Mexico.

Occupations for Foreigners in Mexico


One of the most enduringly popular occupations for foreigners in Mexico is teaching English as a foreign language. A majority of native English speakers will find getting work teaching English as a foreign language pretty easy. Especially if they have a TEFL teaching qualification, or experience in teaching. You could also find work teaching other subjects in a bicultural or bilingual college. The only disadvantage to these kinds of occupations for foreigners in Mexico is that your wages are not very high, unless you open your own school.


Another highly popular occupation for foreigners in Mexico is promotional, or sales work. There are many sales and promotional jobs that require dealing directly with English speakers, both tourists and visitors, mainly from Canada and the USA. Having a native English speaker on staff in sales projects is a huge plus for many Mexican companies. Finding a sales job in some of the bigger tourist centres like Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun is pretty easy. The best thing about sales related occupations for foreigners in Mexico is that your earning capacity is high.

Leisure and Tourism

In tourist towns there are always jobs available to foreigners; hotels, spas, restaurants, tour agents, and cruise ports are always great places to start when looking for a new career. You’d be surprised at the number of different opportunities that the tourist industry presents, especially in top beach destinations.

Translations & Interpreting

If you have a good grasp of both Spanish and English then you could find a fulfilling, and profitable career in being a translator or interpreter. This field is in need of trained, multilingual professionals to interpret for conferences and other cultural presentations involving bilingual communities and gatherings.

— February 10, 2016

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