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No matter what industry you are in, most great careers start with a great resume. Unless you know people at the company you are applying for, your resume is your best chance to concisely highlight and illustrate your talents, strengths, work history, and education all in one place.  Are you fresh out of school and looking to integrate yourself into the workplace? Or are you ready to switch things up and make a career change into a field that you are passionate about? Either way, these 5 resume tips for success will help you put your best foot forward so that you can achieve all your career goals.


5 Resume Tips for Success:


Resume Tip for Success #1: Highlight Education Achievements

What kind of education have you had? Obviously, a college degree and higher education diplomas should be listed here. In addition, any special workshops or courses you took can really make you stand out among a crowd. If you did a special project or course that was industry specific that ties into the field you are applying for, you should really highlight that element of your resume. Innovative courses and continuing education help keep your skills fresh so they may end up being even more relevant than your standard college degree.


Resume Tip for Success #2: Volunteer or Intern Experience

Are you new to the game or don’t have a ton of work experience yet? That is okay! During college or even afterward, it makes sense to look for and involve yourself in opportunities that can help you in your career. Volunteering or working as an intern to gain real-life experience in fields that interest you is key. Any sort of activities you involved yourself in should be listed on your resume as they may catch the key of the interviewer.


Resume Tip for Success #3: Dress for the Part

Regardless of the top of the job you are applying for, it is important to present yourself in an attractive and professional manner, especially during your interview. If your resume comes with a photo of yourself, make sure you choose a nice picture that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. Your image is a chance to create a great first impression, and oftentimes the first impression will stay with you for a long time. When you arrive at a job interview, make sure to carefully select a work-appropriate outfit that is modern, yet conservative and makes sure your personal hygiene is on point. Always arrive a few minutes early to interview to give yourself extra time to visit the washroom, and check your appearance to eliminate any issues.


Resume Tip for Success #4: Reduce Industry Terminology from Different Fields

Are you changing jobs and also looking for work in a new field as well? If so, you may want to reduce or eliminate industry-specific technology from older jobs that is no longer relevant. That way, you can streamline your resume to be more in line with your new job. If possible, try to use terminology that is more specific to the job you are hoping to get. That will help show prospective employers that although you are coming from a different area, there are enough similarities that could make you a good fit for the role in mind.  


Resume Tip for Success #5: Remove Older Jobs From Resume

Another good tip to keep your resume streamlined and easy to read is to remove the oldest jobs from your resume. Especially if those first jobs are no longer useful in showing experience that you could benefit you at your new job, it may make sense to delete them from your resume. Some employers are turned off from multiple page resumes that are difficult to read. If you can keep your bullet points concise and easy to read, it will give you an edge on other applicants.  


Remember, in order to present the best you to any employer, a strong and streamlined resume is essential. We hope our 5 resume tips for success can help you put your best foot forward to land that dream job you have been searching for.

— April 11, 2019

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